Private Medical Insurance

We’ve teamed up with AXA PPP Healthcare to make sure you can get the right cover to protect you and your family, in case anything happens.

No matter how well you look after yourself, illness or injury can strike at any time. If it isn’t an emergency or life threatening situation then you could face a long and possibly uncomfortable wait on the NHS. Medical insurance gives you choices. You have a choice when you want to be treated, meaning you not only get prompt access to eligible treatment but also treatment at a time that is convenient to you. You also have a choice of where you want to be treated.

There are many reasons why we recommend the award winning AXA PPP healthcare – here are 8 great ones:

  1. Prompt access to treatment
    Reduced waiting times due to prompt access to medical diagnosis and treatment.
  2. No medical examinatition required
    You are not required to undergo a medical examination or complete any complicated forms before cover can start.
  3. Natitional network of hospitals
    Get treated in a hospital specifically selected for quality, value and range of services designed for a comfortable stay.
  4. 24-hour health informatition service
    All members have access to a 24-hour telephone based service and a team of quality healthcare professionals.
  5. Dedicated Nurse
    For cancer patients, a Dedicated Nurse provides 1-2-1 support and practical guidance about your condition, treatment & recovery.
  6. Get a team of Personal Advisors
    From the minute you join, get access to a team of Personal Advisors to help arrange treatment or help with any claims forms.
  7. Member offers
    As an AXA PPP Healthcare member you get access to exciting offers and discounts on a range of third party products.
  8. More than 70 years’ experience
    AXA PPP healthcare has been providing access to specialist private health cover for over 70 years!

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Product Benefits

The following table shows the benefits available to customers, along with the monetary limits associated. For more details of exactly what is and isn’t covered in our policies, please call us on telephone tbc.

Benefits Amount Payable
In-patient and day-patient treatment
Private hospital and day-patient unit charges. Including charges for accommodation, diagnostic tests, operating theatre charges, nursing care, drugs and dressings, physiotherapy, and surgical appliances used by the specialist during surgery. Paid in full at a private hospital or day- patient unit listed in the Directory of Hospitals.used by the specialist during surgery
Out of diirectory cash benefit. Thiis benefit iis payablle iif you receiive priivate iin-patitient or day-patitient treatment at a hospiitall or day-patitient uniit not lliisted iin the Diirectory of Hospiitalls. £50 each day for day-patitient treatment. £50 each niight for iin-patitient treatment.
Specialists’ fees.(Surgeons’, anaesthetists’ and physicians’). No annual maximum.
In-patient consultations.Benefit for a consultation with a second specialist arranged by the treating specialist No annual maximum.
Parent accommodation. This benefit is for the cost of one parent staying in hospital with a child under 16 years old whilst the child is receiving eligible private treatment. The child must be covered by the policy and the benefit is paid from the child’s benefits. Paid in full
In-patient and day-patient treatment
Surgical procedures. No annual maximum.
Active treatment of cancer. Including charges for radiotherapy (the use of radiation to treat cancers) and chemotherapy (the use of drugs to treat cancers). No annual maximum.
Other Benefits
Ambulance transport. When you are receiving private in-patient or day-patient treatment and it is medically necessary to use a road ambulance to transport you between a hospital and another medical facility. Paid in full
Day-patient and out-patient NHS radiotherapy and chemotherapy cash benefit. This benefit is paid for day-patient or out-patient radiotherapy or chemotherapy you receive free under the NHS for the treatment of cancer and only if the treatment you receive under the NHS would have been eligible for benefit privately under this policy. £50 a day up to £2,000 a year.
AExpert Health Support. Direct access to healthcare experts. Included
(i) Computerised tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and positron emission tomography (PET) on specialist referral. (ii) Out of directory scanning cash benefit. This benefit is payable for using a CT, MRI or PET facility not listed as a scanning centre in the Directory of Hospitals. Paid in full in a scanning centre listed in the Directory of Hospitals. £50 each visit.

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Product Add-ons

Our policies can also include the following addititional features & benefits:

  • Core Out-patient
  • Enhanced Out-patient
  • Full Out-patient
  • Therapies
  • Mental Health
  • Extra care
  • Dentist & Optician Cashback
  • Extra Cancer Cover
  • Travel

For more details on any of the above additional product features and benefits you can add to your Private Medical insurance policy, please get in touch and speak to a specialist.

Get in touch today and see how we can help protect you and your family with Private Medical insurance.

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