Young male drivers advised to purchase newer cars

According to a new study by a leading motoring organisation, young drivers, in particular male motorists under 20 years old, would benefit greatly from the safety features of new vehicles. The study conducted by the Institute of Advanced

Motorists (IAM) came to this conclusion by analysing the correlation between the fatalities of these male drivers against the age/safety rating of the vehicle.

In general the newest cars often provide the higher level of safety reassurance compared with older vehicles. Manufacturers often enhance their safety to appeal to a wider audience and give the impression that their cars are forever improving. Ultimately these car companies have proved successful is doing so as results reveal that drivers were less likely to die in a serious collision if they were behind the wheel of a newer car.

The obvious problem with young drivers buying new cars is the fact that many are not in the financial bracket to afford a brand new car. The younger generation are those with the lowest average incomes and are further punished by the highest insurance premiums – currently averaging over £2500.

IAM has insisted that young inexperienced drivers seek cars with a high star rating in the adult category of Euro NCAP prior to a purchase. Despite this advice cars within the lower safety bracket sometimes mean cheaper premiums due to their lowered value. This could make matters more difficult for young drivers that are seeking safer vehicles as often insurance premiums are the predominant factor in selecting which vehicle to buy.

Director of research for IAM, Neil Grieg commented on the findings saying: “A new car won’t be an option for everybody but there are plenty of used cars that will be almost as good – you do need to do some thorough research though.”

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