When Buying A Used Car, A Proper Inspection Is Advisable

Everybody knows that buying a used car, whether from a ‘reputable dealer’ or a private seller, can often end in tears with the buyer having to spend as much again to get the car properly road worthy. Because of this many people now will have some kind of inspection on the vehicles to see what kind of condition the vehicle is in.

When people think second hand car they generally think cars to the value of a couple of thousand (where a full inspection may not be cost effective) but there are high end vehicles which can fetch the same as an average yearly wage. Organisations such as the AA and RAC will carry out extensive checks on vehicles and will charge up to £300 to do so.

The checks that are carried out not only cover physical attributes of the vehicle but also flag up the history of the vehicle i.e  if it’s been involved in any accidents, has it been written off and whether there is any outstanding finance on the vehicle. All these things can affect insuring the vehicle and ultimately your pocket.

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