VW launch their new city car – Up

At the September Frankfurt Motor Show, VW have plans to unveil their latest creation, a city car with the quirky name Up!

Some photographs have already been released giving us a sneak peak of what we can expect from this new city car.

The Up! is planned to hit the UK next year, although as yet, prices are still to be confirmed.  It is expected to be start at around £8,500.  Already experts in the world of motoring are predicting great things for this pint size car, it is expected to be VW’s biggest seller in the UK.

The Up!, which has been worked on VW for years, is going to be smaller than the Polo measuring just 354cm long!  Although VW maintain the car will still hold four adults.

There will be three versions on offer, an entry level, the comfort-oriented model and high up! the highest level available.  The car will be run on a 1.0l engine a bhp of 59-74 depending on which level you buy. The cost to run the car is expected to be extremely low, in fact under existing regulations, the lucky owners could escape having to pay for road tax and congestions charges.

This fun and compact car is expected to have a bright and colourful interior, and will come with the VW Maps and More system, which is a first.

So if you are in the motor trade, or just a keen car enthusiast, check out some photos of this nifty new car at the VW site.

Or if you would prefer to see the car in the flesh (or the metal!) you will have to wait for the big reveal at the Frankfurt Motor show.

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