Victorious Vantage Tops Convertible List

According to a recent survey conducted by ‘Auto Trader’ the stylish Aston Martin Vantage is the top dog of convertibles. The survey interviewed consumers and found that the Vantage was the most popular. The slender sports car was triumphant ahead of other fashionable super cars – amongst these the Mercerdes-Benz SL, Porsche 911 and the Ferrari California. The Vantage has proved trendy amongst many celebrities with owners  including Jamie Oliver and Jermaine Defoe. Hugh Grant’s car, a Ferrari California, finished  a mere sixth.

Interesting Statistics

·         95% of current convertible owners said they would buy a Vantage.

·         77% of those claim the key motive to owning a convertible is having the roof down on those very occasional sunny days.

·         65% of interviewed respondents have brought a second convertible.

·         Convertible drivers are the fastest growing car type amongst motorists in the UK.

·         The convertible industry in the UK is (unbelievably) the second largest in Europe.

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