Uninsured drivers costing us £30 a year

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) has released figures highlighting the real problem the UK faces with uninsured drivers.

Nearly a third of drivers in many parts of the country are driving without insurance, and costing the rest of us on average, £30 a year on our insurance premiums.

Some of the worst areas in the country have been named and shamed, with the worst offenders coming from Bordesley in Birmingham, where 30% of drivers have no insurance.

Bradford, Manchester and Halifax also feature highly on the list, with a significant number of drivers in these areas hitting the roads with no insurance.

According to Phil Gormley, from the Association of Chief Police Officers, there are actually 500k less uninsured drivers on our roads now, compared to five years ago, but he admits some parts of the country do represent a ‘challenge’ for the police.

According to the figures, 1.4 million drivers in the UK are uninsured, giving us the worst record in Western Europe.

The MIB have also revealed that 10% of younger drivers, between the age of 18 and 34 aren’t even aware that insurance is a legal requirement.

The harsh reality is that a significant number of accidents each year involves uninsured drivers, resulting in 23,000 people being injured and 160 people losing their lives.

The police have identified that there is a clear correlation between drivers who drive with no insurance, and other crimes.  If you are an uninsured driver, you are five times more likely to be involved in a road accident, flout traffic laws, or engage in other criminal activities.

The CEO at MIB, Ashton West comments on the findings “We cannot stand by and let uninsured driving continue. Otherwise, the honest motorist will keep paying the bills for the injury and damage caused to people and property”.

Mike Penning, the Road Safety Minister claims the Government is putting in place measurers to reduce the number of drivers without insurance.

But for the rest of us law-abiding motorists, this additional £30 per year on our premiums is just another addition to the ever-increasing cost of running a vehicle.

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