UK roads to get busier

According to the RAC, over the next 25 years we could expect to see a whopping 4 million cars joining our roads, as car production continues to grow.

It is predicted that by the year 2035, traffic will increase by around 43%, the East Midlands are expected to see the largest increase according to the research.

So with an extra 4 million cars hitting the roads, can we expect even more delays and slower journey times?  Speculation that the Government have cut spending on infrastructure suggests that perhaps our roads won’t be able to cope with the predictions.

The RAC have made claims about the Governments plans, spokesperson comments, “The Government has significantly reduced road transport investment because of the recession and ministers have not explained what plans they have to cope with the bleak picture painted by their own numbers”.

The RAC Foundation and a consultancy firm (Arup) carried out some research, which is thought to have uncovered 96 plans to build more roads ‘sitting on the Department for Transport’s shelves’.  The research suggests that these unfunded plans could make significant money if they were to be implemented.

Garrath Hussey, Chief Executive at Think Insurance, comments on the predictions, “It is encouraging to see that the UK motoring industry is continuing to grow, this is great news for Motor Traders and Car Dealers across the country.  However it is concerning to hear that the road infrastructure may not be able to support such growth”.

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