Top Tips for Selling

As a Motor Trade Insurance Intermediary we like to think we can help in your search of sales. Below are some tips we hope may help.

Pre-Sale Preparation

Take time to make sure that everything is in place before the potential buyer turns up. Ask the purchaser before he arrives to bring his licence and proof of insurance (if not covered on your policy) so he can take a test drive. Ask someone to be with you when they turn up for peace of mind and added safety. Make sure that the vehicle has been cleaned, inside and out to a high standard. Make sure that any problems with the vehicle have been sorted or repaired. There’s nothing more embarrassing than a buyer pointing out obvious problems you’ve missed!

Buyer Arrives

Allow the buyer to have a good look around your vehicle. Do not interfere too much or the buyer may think you have something to hide. Let them carry out a check – whether by themselves, a friend, or a hired professional – this all helps to build their confidence for the sale. Answer any questions they might have honestly and professionally. Remain pleasant and polite even if you think they’re not interested – some people are just born miserable – it doesn’t mean they won’t buy your car!

Test Drive

Check they’re covered by their own or your insurance before you let them drive. Always accompany them on the test drive and take a friend if you feel it necessary. Always keep the keys on you when getting out of the car or swapping seats. Potential purchasers may drive your vehicle harder than you would like and this happens quite often – don’t be afraid to ask them to slow down if they are putting your vehicle, or the passengers, at risk.

The Deal

Be prepared to haggle! This is usual so don’t take the hump when confronted with it. Have a minimum figure in your mind and remind yourself of it during the negotiations. Don’t be rude if you decline an offer – leave the door open for the buyer to make an increased offer. Don’t be too rigid on your price – is it worth losing a sale for £25 if you have to readvertise the car? If you reach a stalemate don’t be afraid to throw in a sweetener – this could be a tank of fuel, a warranty or tax.

Remember – preparation is the key – preparation of the vehicle; preparation of your advert; and preparation of your sales technique. Finally – Good Luck!

Think Motor Trade Insurance – Think Insurance

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