Top 10 Speed Cameras on our roads

The Sun Newspaper have compiled a list of the top 10 speed cameras on our roads, in terms of revenue generation, using statistics compiled by the Government.

In total, the UK’s roads have approximately 6,000 cameras in place, generating a significant £100 million each year.

According to the data, the top ten cameras have cost motorists £3 million pounds in fines in just one year.

The camera securing first place in the chart is one that can be found on the A1(M), going southbound at Hertfordshire, between junctions 4 and 3.  This temporary camera catches just under 800 speeding drivers on average per month.  Making the assumption that each driver is charged £60, this camera would be the most profitable, raking in £568k each year.

The award for second place goes to a camera located on the A3 on Anglesea Road in Portsmouth.  This camera has captured around 500 motorists every month, which equates to around £380k each year in fines.

Closely behind in third place is the camera that can be found on the A40 in London on Western Avenue.  This camera has caught nearly 500 drivers each month costing motorists £359k per year in fines.

The Sun have named the worst performing camera too, found on the A348 in Ferndown, Dorset this camera hasn’t managed to catch one speeder in 3 years!  While some may call this camera the worst performer, others could argue it is the best. Clearly it is doing its job in preventing people from speeding in the first place.

One road in Brighton, along the seafront, has been given the award for most perilous road. Hosting no less that 11 cameras on a stretch of road that is 12 miles long!  These 11 cameras have caught over 18k drivers in 3 years for speeding, so drivers be warned!

The top ten chart compiled by The Sun has certainly raised some eyebrows, with many believing cameras are only in place to raise funds for cash strapped authorities.  A spokesperson from the Drivers Alliance has commented, “Cameras don’t improve safety. They’re often placed to generate maximum revenue”.

However, Brake, the road safety group have spoken out in defence of the cameras, “They are an extremely effective way of enforcing the law, reducing speeds and preventing tragedies”.

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