Tips For Trading In Used Cars

When it comes to choosing a type of car to trade in, you must look at who your clients will be and  try to meet their requirements. It is of no use buying a car to re-sell, if there is not a call for it from potential customers. First of all, you need to decide whether it is better to specialise in a certain make or type of car, or if you wish to sell a broad range of vehicles. If you have a special interest in a certain area, ie classic cars, then find out who is purchasing them and where they are purchasing them from. Is it worth having a website? Do people still buy car magazines? Don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth and an honest reputation. Below are some tips for trading in used cars.


  1. For most motorists there is a need to keep the running costs of a vehicle down to the bare minimum. Petrol is very expensive, and repairs to a “luxury” make of car can cost as much as buying a second hand small car! 4×4 vehicles are costlier to buy than the average saloon and the upkeep substantially greater. They do however hold their price better and depreciation is lower than in other cars. Due to the complexity of operating  a 4×4 rather than a “normal” car, they can sometimes be prone to breaking down more often than other cars.


  1. Estate cars can appeal to families and single persons alike, being more manoeuvrable and nippier than a people carrier, but offering more luggage space than the average saloon car. Modern estate cars can be every bit as stylish as the saloon and with more families holidaying in this country, they are appealing to a wider range of clients.


  1. Superminis are extremely economical to run, and what they lack in space they can make up for in low running costs. Beware that there is a big difference between the best and worst of the brands, and thorough research will be able to show you the cars to steer clear of. Repair bills are nearly always lower and reliability will mean happier customers who will be happy to return to you in the future.


  1. When buying cars to sell to families, you need to decide whether a hatchback or a saloon will be more practical. Saloon cars may look more appealing, but fitting a pushchair in one can be very tricky. It is much easier to have a hatchback with a wider opening. Many families are now opting for a people carrier, with the choice of either carrying more children or removing some seating and gaining more space. Dark coloured seats and if possible leather, will be more appealing to parents, and easy access for placing small children in their chairs.


Apart from choosing the type of vehicle to trade in some other tips for trading in used cars include – a)choosing an insurance cover that incorporates all of your vehicles on one policy; cutting down on paperwork and having to remember all of the renewal dates.b) Making sure you have cars that are “quick turner”s; whilst convertibles are fun and look impressive, they are only suitable for certain people or as a second vehicle. Large luxury cars are great to own, but for most of us, are expensive to run and a high cost to purchase.

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