The Dangers of a Dirty Dashboard!

As a motor trade insurance broker we were more than interested to read the recent results of a study by Autoglass which astonishingly showed a third of van and truck drivers admitted to having had up to 30 near collisions in the past twelve months! – (and all this was because of the mess on the dashboard of their vehicle!)

The interesting survey of 2,000 white van and truck drivers found many different hazards/obstructions on the drivers dashboard, including 34% of drivers admitting to having fast food packaging on their dashboard, 24% having cuddly toys or tacky accessories, 21% newspapers and 19% coffee cups!

These dashboard distractions have led to 33% of van drivers and 34% of truck drivers admitting they had between 11 and 30 near misses in the past year.

Despite the near misses the drivers don’t seem to be fazed, with 10% admitting they never cleared the clutter from their dashboard.

If you’re reading this and you’re a motor trader – have a good look at your dashboard today and see what can be tidied away.  A two minute clear up now could save a whole lot of trouble in the future.  Do you really need a copy of last week’s newspaper, or all those coffee cups?

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