The Benefits of An Estate Vehicle for Motor Traders

The benefits of an estate vehicle for motor traders may seem like an obvious point. It’s a load lugger, maybe not particularly stylish or sporty etc but today’s estate cars can be far from that. In fact once you have settled in to a life of having the extra load space and practicality you’ll not want to go back to the standard saloon if you make the right choice. German manufacturers have for a long time had a great array of estate cars, Audi, BMW, Mercedes and VW – all of them having stylish offerings. The name may be different, as in Audi with its “Avant”, or BMW with its “Tourer” option, but they are all estates as we know them, and all can be had with sporty body kit options.

VW’s Passat Estate makes a reliable solid workhorse, and there are models out there with a couple of hundred thousand miles on the clock still going strong. The benefits of being able to turn up at your local Swedish furniture store safe in the knowledge that all your flat pack purchases will slip easily into the back with the seats down are self evident. Just remember not to sneer at the hapless individual who buys a sofa, only to realise that it wont fit into his standard family saloon!

Talking of loading your estate car, an important safety aspect of the modern estate car is the ability to compensate for heavy loads in the back by automatically adjusting the rear suspension height – BMW has self levelling suspension as standard and other manufacturers can offer this also. We’ve all seen the seemingly overloaded car on the motorway, mud flaps scraping the tarmac, this is not only dangerous to the occupants but also to other road users, as the vehicle steering and handing dynamics will be affected, especially at speed.

Protecting the driver and occupants inside the car is equally important. Again, manufacturers have provided retractable cargo nets to safely separate passenger and cargo areas. Also available are some rather clever rail mounted cargo separation and storage systems. If you are the type of person who carries garden waste or takes the family dog out on trips there are also some really practical boot floor covers, custom fitted and available in either soft or (waterproof) hard plastic.

When the time is right and you’re in the market for a change of car, feeling you could use the extra space but don’t feel you’re ready for the obligatory people carrier, give some thought to the benefits of an estate car – make an informed choice and you won’t be disappointed. The benefits of an estate car for motor traders is that these advantages can be adapted to your own selling technique and help encourage families to purchase a vehicle that is going to be a solid buy rather than a hindrance.

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