Superstitious Motorists Say No to ‘Unlucky 13’ Plates

As 2013 draws closer, there has been a level of cynicism regarding the next licence plates to be issued on new cars from March. Some superstitious customers are viewing the plates as ‘unlucky’ and have complained to the DVLA saying they should have the right to opt out of the change if they buy a new car.

The DVLA revealed that motorists would in fact be able to register a car brought after 1 March 2013 as a 62-plate – the same as those registered between Sept 2012 – Feb 2013. According to the DVLA this would be eligible until the next registration (63 plate) which commences in Sept 2013. On the other hand, vehicle data company CAP has contradicted the DVLA’s proposals saying that drivers will not have the choice over their registration plate.

The Vehicle Remarketing Association (VRA) has backed proposals saying that the DVLA has revealed the right option for superstitious motorists. A representative of VRA said: “This is great for those who regard the number 13 as unlucky but it could cause a challenge for the used car market.

“Those picking up on the anomaly will value the car correctly, but those who don’t may offer drivers considerably less for the car than it is worth just based on the registration plate. Something for the used market to consider in spring next year.”

As your reading this article you may find the whole concept a little farfetched, but in fact there are people who suffer from a condition known as Triskaidekaphobia, the fear of the number 13. If these individuals are unable to avoid the new plates then they may be forced to pay for a private plate which could cost over £250!

The VRA are apprehensive of those who choose to revert to a previous plate as this could prove detrimental when selling the car in future as it will seem older than it is. The DVLA are seemingly nervous of the impact of refusing customers to change their plates could have on new car sales. A similar situation was witnessed in Afghanistan which saw a significant drop in sales that year – not ideal for UK dealers by any means.

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