Starting a hairdressing business – What insurance do I need?

Once you have decided that you would like to open your own hairdressing salon the start up costs and questions you need to ask can vary greatly from business to business. Will you own or rent the premises? What area will be suitable and can it sustain another hairdressing salon? What equipment will you need? How many members of staff will you employ, and what costs will this entail, including holiday pay etc? Before you open your doors to the public, you will also need to ask the question, what insurance do I need?
Because of the nature of the business, public liability will be indispensable. This will cover the client against any accidents whilst inside your premises and any area you own or are responsible for concerning the business. Hairdressing salons will inevitably be faced with hazards such as water spillages and other wet substances such as shampoo and conditioner. If one of your customers falls and injures themselves, then public liability insurance will cover you and your business in case they choose to apportion blame and sue for compensation.
Employers` liability insurance is absolutely necessary if you are going to employ staff. This will cover you (subject to policy cover) and your employees should they suffer an accident whilst working for you, or develop an illness during their time in your employment that they feel is work related. This insurance can cover you for any claims made against by your employees. (Injuries or illness sustained whilst driving for work purposes may be covered under a separate motor insurance). As an employer, you could be fined if you cannot produce a current certificate of insurance for employers` liability – a legal requirement.
It may be advisable to obtain professional indemnity insurance – most likely you will be mixing up chemicals and hair colours and applying them to the client`s hair as part of the services you offer. PI covers the employer against negligence and claims made through lack of professional care. It can help you rectify a mistake before involving the courts.
The amount of cover needed and the types of cover will vary greatly from business to business, and not only will you need to make sure that you have the correct insurance but also the correct level of insurance. When you ask the question- what insurance do I need? You need to know that you are receiving honest and correct professional advice, from a company who also wants the most suitable cover for you and your business.

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