Some Extra Tips When Buying & Selling Used Cars!

When you set out to buy and sell used cars, there are some tips and advice that may be of use to you. Finding out which makes of car sell quickly, and the price you can obtain for them, is a good place to begin. It is of no use being offered a “bargain” purchase if you are unlikely to be able to re-sell the vehicle for a decent enough profit. Knowing your makes of vehicles and their performance qualities is important to ensure a quick turnover and customer confidence in you.

Family cars and some people carriers are always going to stand a better chance of holding their price and re-saleability value than other types of vehicle that have a smaller clientele base. Because they are in demand by families, they are not usually high performance vehicles, or offer top spec extras that will push up the price. When you consider the percentage of the population who require economical family cars, then you realise that these are good starting points when looking for cars to trade in. Vans and trucks are valuable as works vehicles and therefore popular for a trader to re-sell: You will of course need to do your research to find out which ones are used most often, and how economical they are to run and insure. Also take into account the colour of the van/truck, and whether it is a desirable shade for someone`s line of business. There is a reason that we have “white van man”! Choosing to specialise in collectable makes of cars is an option that may interest you. Bearing in mind that they may take longer to sell due to the smaller market but  they can also demand a higher premium and therefore possible higher profit. Classic cars – for example the MGB Roadster – have followers and devotees who are willing to travel across country to locate the vehicle of their choice. Having an interest and some knowledge of the category of classic car will be extremely beneficial to you if you are to discuss the all the details with classic car enthusiasts. When you have decided which area you wish to trade in, or maybe you want to sell “general” motors, then you can speak to an insurance broker about a trader`s policy. The advantage of holding a traders policy, is that all of your resalable cars can be covered. This can work out to be more cost effective and straightforward than multiple policies. Other cover such as employer’s liability and buildings insurance, can be acquired at the same time should you need them to buy and sell used cars. get a cheap insurance quote

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