Slice of Royal History, on wheels

If ever there was a motivation to become a part time motor trader, then perhaps having a slice of royal history could persuade you.  Especially if you could earn tens of thousands of pounds, from a ten year old VW Golf.

The son of a motor trader in Reading, Sonny Brazil, acquired a VW Golf from his father which had been part exchanged at his own forecourt in 2009.  The savvy son soon realised that this was a special car after seeing Kate Middleton’s name in the logbook.

Ordinarily you could expect to get around £1,500 for such a vehicle, but this piece of royal memorabilia is potentially worth a whole lot more.  Used by Kate Middleton during her time at St Andrews University, this car has more than just a full service history!

This car was issued 2 parking tickets while it belonged to Kate, one of which was outside her Chelsea flat in 2007 where she famously argued with the traffic warden for giving her the ticket.

The car also had a couple of trips to mechanics when a wing mirror was replaced and a headlight was smashed in 2003 and 2006.

But despite the minor bumps it has suffered in the past, Sonny has looked after this car almost obsessively since he became the lucky owner, barely driving it and locking it away in his garage to protect against potential thieves.

However, he has now decided the time is right to part with the car and recently listed it on the online auction site, eBay with a starting bid of £20,000.  23 bids later, with the highest bid topping £48k the auction ended and the car remained unsold.  The reserve hadn’t been met, so who knows what Sonny is expecting to scoop for the VW.

So for now, it would seem Sonny will be keeping hold of his historical run around, at least until someone offers him the money he feels it is now worth.

So if this story has got you thinking about getting into the used motor industry, don’t forget to check the logbook for famous names! And give Think Insurance a call, they are the specialists in Part Time Motor Trade Insurance.

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