Setting Up as a Vehicle Testing Station

If you are considering setting up as a vehicle testing station or VTS (MOT), then there are some requirements that you will be obligated to meet. You will also be required to obtain suitable premises and equipment for testing the different classes of vehicles for you to become an Authorised Examiner (AE).

Depending on which class of vehicle you are testing, you will need to satisfy the Vehicle Operator Services Agency or VOSA as it is referred to, that you have appropriate facilities. VOSA provide a form stating exactly what you need to know to become an authorised VTS. Once you are certain that you meet all the criteria and standards needed by VOSA, you can fill in a VTO1 form and send it off to them.

As the authorised examiner, it is your responsibility to make sure that all of the testing equipment and facilities are up to date and in good working order. You are also accountable to ensure that anyone carrying out vehicle MOTs on your behalf is correctly qualified & trained and that their equipment is well maintained.

Because different classes of vehicle require different apparatus, it will be expected of you to have obtained at least the minimum level of equipment needed for each individual class. Likewise, your nominated vehicle tester (including yourself) must be approved for the class of vehicle tested. The 2009 requirements are the most up to date and again can be down loaded from either VOSA or business link.

Once you have sent off your VTO1 form and all other documentation, you must wait for authorisation from VOSA before you begin trading. Once you have been authorised to operate from your designated premises, VOSA will continue to monitor your standards of operation and the tools and equipment you are working with. They will also be responsible for making sure you have a clean and comfortable waiting area for customers.

Apart from having the “go ahead” from VOSA, you will be obligated to have certain other legalities in place. Employees insurance is unavoidable if you intend to employ other people and equipment insurance, buildings insurance and public liability are the minimum cover you probably need for your business. Because it is such a specialist area, taking insurance advice and guidance from a broker is advisable to operate safely and securely.

For any other information such as guidance for customer care and setting up a vehicle testing station, then once again VOSA will be able to help you understand the technicalities and legalities needed to acquire MOT testing status.

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