Satnavs Lead Dependent Motorists Astray

Satellite navigation systems have made travelling long distances a walk in the park for many, with the days of using road mapping becoming a distant memory. Theoretically, satnav systems are advanced technologies that accurately plan and predict a journey with no room for error. In reality however satnav’s can entail a whole list of errors. According to a recent survey by Autoglass, almost two-thirds (64%) of Brits on the road rely on GPS devices. Despite this dependence on the technology, almost half (46%) of these respondents said that the devices had at some point led them astray.

Often for the less confident motorist out there, satnav’s are an important accessory when there isn’t a passenger directing them. Some common concerns of GPS systems by motorists included – veering into front gardens, driving near to cliffs and going round in circles. Regardless of the occasional glitches almost a fifth (19%) of drivers feel they wouldn’t be able to cope without their satnav.

Driving into a dead end or closed road is among the most prominent issues, followed by driving the wrong way on a one-way street. Other amusing mishaps involve being directed into open water, fields and forests or off a motorway where there is no exit.

Matthew Mycock, managing director of Autoglass commented saying: “While satnav malfunctions do sometimes cause accidents and lead to dangerous situations we would always urge drivers to exercise a degree of common sense when using technology on the roads.”

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