Reliable Cars for Dealers

So what are the most reliable cars for dealers to buy and sell? Whilst making some profit on a car, it is also paramount that you are dealing in reliable vehicles that offer customers value for money and customer satisfaction. Recent surveys suggest that the Japanese brands far out way other makers, with Toyota, Lexus and Honda leading the field, closely followed by Subaru and Suzuki. Sharing 6th place with Hyundai were Japanese makes Mitsubishi and Mazda. Sadly in last place and least reliable was Land Rover, with 7 out of 10 owners succumbing to a breakdown every year.

Honda Accord hatchback 1998-2003

Although a firm drive, it still has a fairly comfortable ride. Inside is quite spacious and well equipped, offering 4 airbags and plenty of driver leg room; it could do with more room for storage however. It has air conditioning , anti lock brakes, and many electrical gadgets to get to know. The late 1990s model has an impressive 4 Euro NCAP stars for passenger safety during a crash, and 2 stars for pedestrian safety.

The smallest of the Accords is the 1.8 petrol, and it is advisable to go for the manual rather than the automatic. It is also advisable to choose the hatchback over the saloon, as access for families is much easier and useful in the hatchback.

Toyota RAV4 2006-

From 2006 the RAV became a 5 door car only, making it much easier and more sensible to enter. Wider and longer than previous years, it continues to hold the road well, giving a comfortable and safe ride. Whilst still a road car, it has the benefit of 4 wheel drive with a lockable differential, aiding traction and making it a “middle of the road” off roader. Basic models come with 7 airbags and a 4 star Euro NCAP adult safety rating and ISOFIX children’s seat fittings.



Lexus GS Saloon 2005- 2012

Reviewed as a smooth drive and available as a 3.0 V6 or a 4.3 V8, it is such a smooth ride it has been described as “detached” and “serene”. Inside is very comfortable, although some people may find the controls in slightly awkward places including inside a panel that drops down from the dashboard and a driver’s seat that is not shaped for everyone’s taste. For anyone needing a large boot, you will not be disappointed; in fact for people as tall (or short) as me, you may have to climb into the boot to access all the corners!

Reliable cars for dealers are what can make or break a business and dealing in predominantly Japanese cars could be an answer. Not always the most attractive cars but they have proven to be very trustworthy work horses.

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