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If you’re in the industry then there’s a high probability you’ll need a Motor Trader Insurance policy. These types of policy are fairly easy to come by and most speciality brokers can offer you a range of covers. But did you know there is a world of difference between the level of cover given by different companies? Here are just  three of the companies we have access to (please see the rest of our website for details of our other insurance partners)  and as you can see we only use the most respected and competent market leaders at Think Insurance.

Chaucer Insurance Company Ltd  – A dedicated Lloyd’s syndicate with the experience and commercial clout to be able to deliver a first class service for both it’s brokers and the client. Offering a range of policies from Road Risks only to a  Combined including stock of vehicles, liabilities, tools, carriage of vehicles, windscreen cover, motorbikes and more.

Tradewise Insurance Services Ltd – A specialist insurance company that is definitely in the top tier when it comes to Road Risk policies. With a flexible underwriting criteria Tradewise will insure most straight forward risks for extremely competitive rates. They can include demonstration cover, stock of vehicles and bikes.

QBE European Operations – One of the top 25 insurers worldwide this company really knows it’s stuff. They offer a high level of cover with low minimum premiums for the safer client. Whether it’s a split indemnity policy, or even a tailor made combined policy, QBE have the experience to quote.

So, the question should be – what company do you want to be insured with? A respected, national with experience or someone you have never heard of? For peace of mind with your Motor Trade Insurance policy call Think Insurance today.

Think Insurance – Quality, Service & Price

Think Insurance can provide you with a cheap insurance quote today, whether you are looking for a motor trade, home, taxi or commercial insurance policy, leave your details and we will contact you.

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