Probably the worst car in the world!

Those clever minds at Warranty Direct have come up with the ingredients to make an absolute horror of a car. Using data collected from their Reliability Index, which records the worst performing cars and their specific faults, they have created the most unreliable car. Ever.

If this vehicle were to exist it would cost the unlucky owner a whopping £2,500 every year in repair bills and estimated to break down 6 times a year!

So, what goes into making the worst car possible?  Simply take the steering from a Volvo C79, the ignition of a Mercedes V-class mixed with the engine of the MG TF.  Add a gearbox from the Land Rover Freelander, the suspension of a BMW M3 and the Audi A8 brakes and you really have the makings of a horrendous vehicle.  Finish with the Seat air conditioning and you have the complete recipe for disaster!

But it would seem there is a more serious side to this research.  The Reliability Index tracks and measures vehicles in terms of their overall reliability, looking at factors such as the number of times a car breaks down, and the cost to repair it.  Duncan McClure from Warranty Direct explains, “The wide range of cars included in our special blend highlights how mostly reliable cars can be dragged down by one problem part”.

With some cars in the study reporting to cost a jaw dropping £7,000 to fix, it pays to know which cars have got the most serious faults.

If you are thinking of investing in a new car, it’s worth noting which cars can be let down by just one part.  Here is a quick snapshot of the vehicles in the study that are reported to have issues:

MG TF – Expect engine problems for almost 25% of these cars.

Land Rover Freelander – Watch out for possible transmission glitches.

BMW M3 – 40% are recorded to have suspension and axle problems.

Audi A8 – May need the brakes looking at.

Renault Megane – Electrical faults are the Megane’s Achilles heel.

Seat Alhambra – The air conditioning is likely to need an annual fix on this model.

Worth bearing these statistics in mind when you next visit the forecourt, it could save you several trips to your local mechanic!

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