Part Time Valeting Business

Anyone who wishes to earn extra income within the motor trade may like to consider starting  a part time  valeting business. The work can involve either being paid per hour or paid for the job itself. Being self employed you are in a position to decide which one. Either way, your costs and earnings will be fairly easy to work out – how much you can charge per car and how many you are able or wish to valet in a day.
First of all you will need to decide whether you want to work with private cars and owners, or for business`s. If it is business vehicles that you choose to valet then there are many to choose from: Taxi firms, car dealerships, driving schools, delivery vehicles, school buses and hire cars are some of the operators that may wish to work with your company. Or you could choose to work across both sectors, especially if you only have certain times you can operate your part time business.
The next thing to consider is exactly where you will be working from. If you work from home, you need to check with your home insurance whether the policy it is still valid when running a business from the premises.
Mobile valeting is certainly convenient for some customers who would prefer that you drive to them rather than having to locate your premises. For others they would feel more comfortable dropping their vehicle off at a designated forecourt or location.
One way of earning extra cash would be to sell add on products. The products you work with and the materials you use to clean the vehicles could boost your hourly income and profit. If you use a steam cleaner for your business you can diversify and advertise that you clean engine bays etc. Caravan owners are another target group who may consider making use of such a service. They are a difficult item to clean without specialist equipment.
Once you have premises or have decided to become a mobile service, you are in a position obtain insurance for your business. Finding an insurance company who is willing to offer part time cover and understand that it is not your full time job – is your first priority. They can provide cover specifically for motor traders and small businesses. Most households now have more than one car per family, making your part valeting business a viable option to bring in that 2nd income, for a relatively small outlay.
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