Part Time Traders Insurance Is Perfect If You’re Working a Second Job

If you are somebody that has decided to supplement their regular income by taking on a second job that involves working with vehicles in any way then you may be eligible for a part time traders insurance policy. Just because you are not carrying out the role as your full time occupation doesn’t mean that you can’t still be classed as working in the motor trade. Whether you are selling a couple of cars per month or you are running a valeting service at the weekend, getting yourself insured correctly will bring about a number of benefits.

Due to the fact that you are not working in the trade as your main job role means that a normal motor trade policy is not really the most suited for your situation. You will generally find that taking out part time cover will still provide you with all of the benefits that you would otherwise get with a regular policy. You will find that you can still add extra cover onto your policy meaning that if you need to let people test-drive with demonstration cover or you can get public liability cover added as well.

You may find that some insurance providers will deem someone who is only working in the trade on a part time basis to be an extra risk but this isn’t fair at all. Just because it isn’t your main source of income doesn’t mean that you are going to be any less careful about carrying out your work.
If you have come to the decision that some sort of motor trade related work is going to be a good way for you to boost your earnings then make sure that you go about things the right way. Getting yourself a part time traders insurance policy that meets your own personal requirements should be one of the first things that you do. When looking for the right company to use you should find someone who can give you cover that is tailored to your specific situation so that you are not paying for cover you will never need. Finding a company that has experience in your trade will ultimately mean that you will get a much better deal and will be able to count on their knowledge to find you the best cover available.

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