Parking Spaces Shrink in UK

Cars still get bigger!

For those who are apprehensive of performing certain parking manoeuvres you will be disappointed to discover that the average residential parking space has decreased by as much as 9% over the last decade. The research conducted by LV insurance revealed that parking spacings near your home have become almost a metre shorter from 9.84m in 2001 to 8.97m in 2011. Additional studies have revealed that the UK has seen an increase in vehicles size – cars are becoming longer in length. Since 2001 England has witnessed a 15% increase of motorists on the road and with the average car stretching to 4.3m in length – 15cm longer than ten years ago.

Critics are claiming that this tightening of parking spaces is posing greater risk to motorists, their vehicles and others surrounding them. With a greater risk of causing a road accident even as minor as those in car parks – insurance companies have probably seen an increase in claims. Local councils and authorities seem to be the only parties benefiting from the increased demand for designated parking areas. Over a quarter of councils across the UK have hiked the prices of parking permits up since 2008 and a fifth of councils have increased the number of paid parking zones. Many drivers on the other hand cannot obtain a parking permit and are forced to go on a long waiting list. In essence this grants the authorities permission to charge pretty much anything they want for a permit as there will always be others happy to pay extra for the chance to obtain a permit.

Managing Director of LV= car insurance, John O’Roarke said: “Motorists are becoming increasingly squeezed when it comes to parking and in some areas the average space available is only a few centimetres longer than the average car.” Ultimately if the trend continues we could be facing ever more congested residential and urban areas – With a greater risk of car collisions in a cramped environment we may witness inflated motor insurance costs. For a competitive insurance quote, why not give Think Insurance a try!

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