New Litter Law Could Boost Insurance Premiums

New legislation introduced in London is giving local authorities increased power to crack down on motorists who are littering from their vehicles. The latest law is set to be enforced later this month.

If caught littering within the London council zone you could be fined on the spot up to £100. What’s more interesting is that even if it’s a passenger performing the crime you will be held responsible as the vehicle owner and receive the penalty yourself. So it may be worth considering keeping a third eye open on those boisterous children and irritating sweet wrappers the next time you’re on the road!

You may assume that to be caught out by this new ruling that a local authority or police officer would need to witness the event in order to enforce a penalty – you’d be wrong. London city and its surrounding roads have some of the highest levels of surveillance in the world. If one of these CCTV camera’s catch sight of the offence they would be able to track the registered vehicle owner via the vehicle number plate. The local councils will then dispatch Penalty Charge Notices to those offenders whereby you’ll have to pay the fine within a certain time frame.

The local councils are clamping down on the issue due to the ‘eye-soars’ of heaps of rubbish accumulating alongside motorways and urban roadsides. Littering costs councils nationwide millions of pounds a year, money that could be spend more appropriately on hospitals or education for example. A simplistic step to becoming a more eco-friendly motorist is to keep a plastic or polythene bag in your car for any waste you may encounter on your journeys and dispose of this properly at a more appropriate time. This method shields you from any expensive fines but also keeps your vehicle spick and span.

If the legislation proves successful then other councils are likely to heed their example in tackling the ‘litter bug’ issues of many other towns and cities. A study has shown that around one fifth (20%) of us openly admit to littering at some point whilst driving. The message now should be – driver beware.

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