New 2013 Aston Martin DB9 Gets a Facelift

Aston Martin are modifying their iconic DB9 models after 8 years of producing just one generation of the sports car. The 2013 upgraded version will be its final appearance as other Aston Martin models take the stage such as the stylish Vantage and Elegant Vanquish editions. The latest model will be the last of its kind but will certainly feature the performance and visuals that is signatory of so many Aston Martin cars. The new DB9 takes on a whole new look – with some features resembling the Virage GT which launched last year.

The new model exists in two editions – the coupe and Volante. Under the hood lies a 6.0-litre V-12 engine, capable of 470bhp and a top speed of 186mph. You can also expect a 0-60 time of roughly 4.6 seconds, operated by a conventional six-speed manual transmission or Touchtronic paddle-shifted automatic transmission. The dynamics and handling of the new model have been enhanced through a lighter and more sleek aluminium frame which defines its graceful exterior. Also worth noting are the exterior curves that many modern Aston’s have – swan-wingdoors and a hood which stretches all the way to the front edge of the vehicle removing the bumper cutline.


The interior on the other hand takes comfort and stylish luxury to a whole new level featuring hand-trimmed wood and leather as standard. For an easier drive the front seated view gives much visibility although like many sports models the rear view can be somewhat demanding when making those parking manoeuvres.


The revised model will be no doubt impressive but will probably be no longer recognised as the brand’s grand tourer – but rather the Virage which launched two years ago. Owning such a prestigious vehicle will certainly have you reaching deep into your pockets – but if you are fortunate to afford a DB9 you will need specialist insurance cover. High net worth insurance is the policy which specialises to those individuals who own high value vehicles – giving them the added peace of mind through above average cover. For more information, contact Think Insurance for expert advice or a fast accurate quote.

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