Motorists of a certain age

With the age of population increasing and more and more people remaining fit & well into their retirement, there is an increasing need to consider the most appropriate insurance support for this important group of people. It would be useful for many folk nowadays to consider how to get good deals on motor insurance and whether or not any particular health issues can affect the premium or type of insurance to get.

Helpful tips for those of us of a certain age

If you are fit and well and still feel confident behind the wheel, then why not enjoy your motoring for years to come rather than use the car just to get to and from work. You may be lucky enough to be able to use the time to visit friends and family or explore parts of the British Isles you have always wanted to see but never had the time. If your motoring history has been relatively accident free then you ought to be able to secure some excellent deals.

Depending on your financial position, then the usual choice over fully comprehensive versus third party or third party fire and theft insurance, could be your first decision. Third party insurance is still mostly cheaper than fully comp, but it could cost more in the
long run so it’s important to consider the pros and cons. For example, if you are involved in
an accident with a driver who happened to be uninsured, you could end up paying the repair
bill even if it is not your fault.

You may be lucky enough to have saved and purchased a car you have always wanted, which you plan to enjoy all through your twilight years and if so, you’ll want to be sure that your treasured possession is suitably covered. Whatever you decide, you may want to spread the cost of your insurance payments, by paying in instalments.

If you do have a medical condition and you are not sure if this could affect your insurance then it’s always best to contact the DVLA as well as your insurance company. If you develop a medical condition that impairs your ability to drive, you may find yourself not insured as well as facing a fine. It is your responsibility to refer yourself to your doctor if you are at all uncertain, as ignoring any issues associated with your health and ability to drive safety will obviously place you and others at serious risk.

It’s good to know though that for many motorists of a certain age, their experience of driving can increase after leaving work, utilizing their time for leisure and hopefully steering clear of the rush hour traffic!

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