Motor Traders Beware – Further Signs of Increase in Car Clocking

Following on from our post on the increase in the number of clocked cars back in April, further data that has been recently released goes into more detail on the types of cars that are being clocked. For anyone who is operating as a trader, whether on a full or part time basis, this is something that you need to keep a careful eye out for as it can severely affect your motor traders insurance cover.

According to the latest release from HPI Check, there is a “very real risk” that unwitting traders could well end up lumped with a clocked vehicle when a customer part exchanges a car. Due to the fact that the tools that are needed to make the mileage adjustments can now be bought online, it has become much easier for the everyday car owner to fiddle their vehicle.

The figures that have been released indicate that the most common type of car that is found to be clocked is the compact executive variety, with 79 out of every 1000 that are checked resulting in a difference in the stated and actual mileage. The next time someone turns up looking to part exchange their Audi A4 or VW Passat, make sure you are not being short changed.

The next two most frequent variety of cars to have their mileage tinkered with are the luxury and family cars with 77 and 74 out of every 1000 respectively. Perhaps the most significant increase comes with the number of estate’s that are now being clocked compared to the levels in 2005. Over that time period the number has shot up from 34 to 64 out of every 1000 cars that are checked, this is clearly a major increase and only highlights the fact that clocking is becoming more commonplace.

The ‘safest’ cars when it comes to any exchange was found to be super minis but even they are coming in at 47 out of every 1000 so it is definitely something that all dealers need to be aware of.

Further indications from the data seem to show that those people who are clocking are no longer focusing on the older vehicles. Managing Director of HPI Daniel Burgess highlighted that, “the majority of the vehicles checked by HPI in 2010 were just three to five years old, over half had less than 50,000 miles on the clock and only a third had mileages over 60,000”

All of the above only highlights the potential pitfalls for traders whenever they are taking stock of a new vehicle. Clocked cars are bad news for the industry as a whole and the increasing number of them can lead to the premiums on you motor trade insurance cover rising due to the higher cost of claims. It is highly advisable to carry out thorough checks on any car before taking ownership of it to stop you being left to deal with the consequences.

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