Motor Trade Insurance Cover For Conversion Specialists

Think Insurance can offer tailored Motor Trade Insurance policies for people in this area of business.

Forecourt fuel prices are at an all time high and are continually rising. Whether or not prices will stabilise is hard to judge and in the meantime it may be adviseable to try and reduce your fuel outgoings. That leaves an opportunity for people in the trade to make a decent living from this desire to save money.

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) conversions are becoming more prominent on our roads as LPG is significantly cheaper per litre than unleaded or diesel – the price per litre can be found to be half that of petrol or diesel.

Whilst this is true, there are some issues about converting to LPG. The public may be wary of carrying LPG, believing it to be more hazardous to have in the vehicle – a misconception. LPG prices have been steadily increasing over the last few years as demand for the product has increased so others may believe that it is not economical anymore to convert. Also, there can be an issue with availability of stations to purchase the fuel.

However, most petrol engines are suitable for an LPG conversion which means that you can enjoy the cost and environmental benefits – LPG emits a lot less carbon dioxide than Petrol. The vast majority of vehicles will be converted into dual fuel meaning they can run on both LPG and petrol, and as such have two independent fuel systems & tanks. This means that you shouldn’t be able to run dry when out and about!

So, if you find this interesting maybe you could have a conversion business? When you do don’t forget to give us a call for your Motor Trader Insurance policy.

LPG conversions should only be undertaken by an LPGA Approved Conversion Specialist.

Think Insurance can provide you with a cheap insurance quote today, whether you are looking for a motor trade, home, taxi or commercial insurance policy, leave your details and we will contact you.

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