MoT tests toughening up

Following announcements a few months ago that the Government are considering altering the frequency of the MoT to every two years instead of one and delaying the first MoT for brand news cars until they are four years old, more changes are now afoot for the MoT test.

The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) have announced plans to make the MoT test even tougher, in order to ensure recent advances in car technology and engineering are working as they should be.

Cars will really be put through their paces now with a whole host of new rules being implemented to comply with EU requirements, all in a bid to make sure the latest innovations and developments on newer cars are sound.

Some of the new checks, to be implemented in January 21012 will include:

  • Ensuring power steering has a minimum level of fluid
  • Inspection of the dashboard warning lights
  • Checking anti-lock brakes and electronica stability systems
  • Looking at the headlights to ensure they are not so powerful that they blind oncoming traffic

If a car fails the new test, they will initially be given a grace period to go and get the work done, to ensure the car meets the new standards.  However, this period of grace will be taken away by the end of the year and the work will need to be carried out there and then for the MoT certificate to be issued to the car owner.

A spokesperson from the AA has commented on the impending changes, “The test is being brought in to make sure that all this new technology works properly.  It means if you buy a nearly new car you will have to double check that all the warning lights are working properly, or you could be left with a hefty bill.  The upside is that if you buy a car with an MoT you will know that these things have been tested properly”.

The Chief Executive of VOSA explains more about the announcement, “The MoT test is designed to make sure that a vehicle is fit to be on the road and so it needs to be updated to reflect new vehicle technology.  We have worked with the industry to prepare them for these changes to make sure that the measures are introduced in the least burdensome way possible”.

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