Manufacturers: Make a direct saving!

In times where the economy is largely dependant on the manufacturing sector to help stimulate a financial recovery. Therefore there is yet another reason to ensure not only that you have the obligatory or standard insurance covers, but that you go one step further.

Some UK insurers are now offering extra extensions of covers for no additional premium, so making your hard earned pounds go that little bit further.

Is your company dependant on other companies to provide you with raw materials or parts in order to maintain production levels? Do you rely heavily upon a small number of customers? Even if the answer is no to those questions, your company could still benefit from a suppliers or customers extension onto the business interruption section of your policy. Some insurers are now offering 10% of your turnover or £100,000 cover as part of their standard wording at no additional cost. So if a supplier or customer of yours were to experience a fire or other insured peril, you can be reassured that you have some protection in place. Higher sums insured are available at an additional premium.

It is common knowledge that public and products liability are a ncessity for most businesses. However did you realise that there is only cover for damage to third party property or third party injury. What happens if there is a claim where neither of these has occurred, but a third party is out of pocket through your negligence? This type of cover is call ‘financial loss’ and is an extension under the public and products liability section. This cover is often over looked, however a number of manufacturers will have an exposure.


Directors and officers liability is a cover that more and more business owners are investing in as more bodies such as the HSE are looking to prosecute directors of companies, rather than the company itself. The idea being this prevents the prosecution from being avoided through a phoenixing of the company under investigation. Again some UK insurers are now starting to offer this cover as part of their standard wording. In some instances this could make you a direct saving.

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