Make Sure You Have a Motor Trade Insurance Policy if You Are a Car Trader

There are car salesmen and women all over the country trading daily – whether it is someone doing it part time in addition to another job or someone working full time in the industry. There will be people who only run a small scale operation dealing with a couple of cars at a time and others who have a whole car lot that is always full. No matter how much you are involved in the buying and selling of cars, you should make sure that you have a sufficient motor trade insurance policy to cover you in the event of any mishaps.

Taking out the correct level of cover can give you protection for a whole host of things related to your work. One of the biggest differences between a private policy and that of a trader is that a traders policy can cover multiple vehicles and you on them. This is obviously going to be extremely beneficial to you if you are going to be handling different cars each week.

A handy addition that you can have with a traders policy is demonstration cover. This addition will insure you so that you can allow potential buyers a test drive in the car they are looking at. There are stipulations that need to be met with this so you should always check with your broker to get the full details. Having this addition can ultimately help you to make a sale as most people will want to take a car out for a spin before they decide on whether or not to buy it.

Another important aspect of these policies is the fact that you can get public liability cover with them as well. This cover can be very important as it protects you in the event of any of your customers having and accident or injuring themselves whilst on your business premises. You may also be able to cover your Sales and Service liability – where any work you have carried out can be covered. As almost all sales people are going to come into contact with their customer, this is cover should be at the front of the mind when looking for the right policy.

Choosing the right motor trade insurance can also mean that you can get your stock, business premises and contents covered as well. This can be reassuringly valuable in the event of anything happening at your workplace.

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