Look Into A Fleet Insurance Policy For Your Business

If you are running a business with multiple cars needing insurance cover – for example taxi cabs or estate agency; then a fleet insurance policy will probably be the ideal option. When you insure all of your cars as a fleet rather than individually, you may save both time and expense. You will have insurance with one company only, and be able cut down on administration costs and paperwork. You may  even obtain a lower premium than if they were individually insured. There is also need to remember multiple renewal dates. The available insurance cover that you would expect to find on an individual car policy, can be obtained for the entire fleet.
Cost will vary depending on what type of cover is required. It will also depend on who is driving the vehicles, the ages of the drivers, the type of cars, where they will be kept and what they will be used for. Apart from covering your employees, other road users and the general public, you may need to consider insuring goods carried in the vehicles. Whether this is for items to be delivered, or to cover loss and damage incurred to any client`s property, will be down to your particular needs and the insurer. Where fleet cover will be similar to a single car policy, is if any accident happens or damage is incurred, then the policy owner will need to pay the excess on each claim.
One of the options that may be available to the employer/owner, is legal protection insurance. Whilst this is not a necessity for operating a business, it may prove to be invaluable if you or one of your employees is involved in a dispute or accident caused by another vehicle/driver, but not covered in your insurance policy; particularly if you  have third party only car insurance. This can give you access to an individual or organisation with legal skills and experience, who can make sure that your business does not suffer because of another drivers actions. They could make sure a hire car is available for you allowing you to continue business without financial losses. For companies who have fully comprehensive insurance and may already have access to a hire car, then legal protection insurance can advise you on claiming back any excess costs incurred.
Always make sure that you are fully aware of what is covered by your company fleet insurance, and what is not covered. For instance, if a windscreen becomes damaged would it automatically be covered by your policy? It is pretty much standard these days for a car not to be covered if you leave the keys in the car and it is subsequently stolen – something to make perfectly clear to all of your drivers! A reputable insurance company will always be willing to take the time to explain the different cover required, and clearly answer any of your queries.

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