Learning The Highway Code On Your Mobile

Having been around for an impressive 81 years, the iconic Highway Code publication finally goes digital releasing its new interactive Smartphone application. The new ‘app’ is expected to revolutionise the way in which new drivers learn the rules of the road and re-jog the memory of existing drivers all at the click of a button. This hi-tech advancement provides a fun and intuitive alternative to keeping up to date with current regulations of the road – making it accessible in mere seconds.

Compared to 1931, when the Highway Code was first introduced, the publication has come a long way, frequently adapting to reach the safety requirements of modern society. Some now comical aspects of the old highway code include sounding your horn when overtaking and the fact that side/rear view mirrors aren’t even mentioned.

In an attempt to keep up with recent technological advances and appeal to the younger generation, the government had the app made for smart phones – the popular mobile choice for the youth! The app is available on ‘Apple’ devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. As with most other apps that release on these devices, the Highway Code app will likely release on other Smartphone and android devices in the near future – there is no mention as of yet on this development.

If you do not have a Smart phone, the information is already readily available in other formats. If you prefer the traditional approach, there are a variety of books and revision summaries of the code available. Furthermore, the full text is free and unrestricted on the net, available also for download as an eBook. The Transport Agency has cleverly made use of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter providing numerous accounts with up to date information and frequent topical reminders.

“With more and more of us using smartphones and other devices it’s vital that products like the Highway Code adapt to be as accessible as possible,” said Transport Secretary Justine Greening in a press release.
“The app makes it easier for everyone to keep their knowledge up to date and is a great example of how new technology can help to improve road safety.
“The Highway Code has been helping to save lives for more than 80 years and, with innovations like this, I am confident it will do so for many more to come.”

The new app has a variety of interactive features such as, road sign tools, stopping distance calculator and quizzes. General rules and information are made easily accessible through a specified search facility, including the full contents of the Highway Code. The app is now available for purchase on iTunes for £3.99.

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