Independent dealers are first choice for motorists with older cars

Trend Trackers at Castrol have released some figures this week, which indicate that independent dealers are now the first choice for many motorists for services, maintenance and general repairs on their vehicles.

Since the recession hit in 2007, it would seem that many people are opting to keep their cars for longer, and in a bid to keep down ever increasing motoring costs, are turning to small garages to carry out maintenance work.  The report has also suggested that some of the braver or more mechanically minded motorists are opting to ‘do-it-yourself’.

Since 2005 we have seen a decline in new car sales, which has resulted in an aging car parc in the UK.  The demand for servicing older vehicles is increasing, and with many turning to smaller garages to keep costs down the franchised dealers may be suffering as a result.

Chris Oakham, Trend Tracker Analyst comments on the results “Particularly since 2007, a greater proportion of recession-hit motorists have been keeping their cars for longer.  This helps explain the recent upturn in the retail service and repair market, as motorists have become liable for more expenditure on servicing and repairs. It’s a case of ‘make do and mend’ for many, and it’s clear that car owners have sought to reduce costs by going to independents or even doing the work themselves”.

It would seem this trend is set to continue.  With the quality and durability of new cars coming out of production constantly improving, we are seeing much longer intervals between services, and therefore are likely to see a continued decline in the amount of work being generated by servicing and maintenance.

So, if the latest Trend Trackers findings are correct, aging cars combined with a ’make do and mend’ attitude among motorists, could equal some good news for small independents dealers….at last.

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