Improved Head Restraints Could Cut Whiplash Claims

So another year of driving has concluded – you come to renewal expecting your enhanced no claims bonus to lower your premium, yet you are charged more than the previous year! Many perceive this rise to be an insurer’s tactic for higher profits, taking advantage of their customer’s goodwill – but in reality raising premiums is a necessity for some insurers to stay afloat at the minute. There are a range of contributing factors that increase premiums year on year – one of the main issues being an increase in whiplash claims.
New research conducted by a mainstream insurer has revealed that many vehicle’s seats and head restraints are not adequate in preventing whiplash of passengers. So much so that only 34% of cars on UK roads are equipped with ‘good’ restraints.

Over half a million whiplash claims are made every year, costing the insurers approximately £2 billion annually. All these whiplash claims are accountable for a large percentage of insurance premium hikes witnessed over the last few years.
It may surprise you to discover that around a quarter of motorists do not know how to adjust their head restraint properly and around 40% of drivers have never adjusted their head restraint. These people are advised to take the necessary precautions to avert any preventable injuries during a road collision.
Simple safety measures can be done to reduce whiplash claims. Firstly adjust your head restraint at the correct height for you, with the top of the restraint level with the top of your head. Furthermore, if it is worn or old, you should look into purchasing a replacement or additional padding. Finally try to refrain from wearing hats/headwear while driving as this can cause discomfort, leading you to remove your head further away from the restraint.
Limiting the number of whiplash claims could be a turning point in reducing premiums for good. As the current situation stands we are likely to see things get worse before they improve with whiplash claims on the constant increase. For more info concerning increasing premiums or for a competitive quote on your motor insurance, contact Think Insurance today for expert advice.

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