Hazardous weather emphasises importance of insurance

Winter storms were witnessed early this year with torrential downpours and gale force winds sweeping the nation. Inevitably the spike in bad weather caused a great deal of damage to buildings and businesses alike. According to last year’s figures, 56 percent of business insurance claims were weather-related, which has doubled since 2010. The fear of a continuation of harsh weather in the winter of this year has sparked an approach by many businesses to get adequate cover.

Flooding has forever been an issue for many home owners and businesses in certain areas of the UK. Exposing your business to flood damage in high-risk areas, without adequate insurance, is a dangerous game to play – remember the events of 2007 when thousands of buildings nationwide were damaged considerably by flooding. What’s worse is that business’ that are at high risk of flooding can find it extremely difficult to find an insurer prepared to offer them a policy. If you are at potential risk of weather related damage it is better to get yourself covered sooner rather than later to avoid being rejected by insurance companies that consider you too much of a liability.

Last year windstorms were recorded to be in excess of 100 miles per hour in certain areas, a force not to be taken lightly. Over the years buildings can progressively erode due to the damage caused by weather conditions. All buildings are potentially at danger from this damage and when such instances do occur it often costs a significant amount to repair – expenses that could be unaffordable to your business. If these repairs can’t be made, your business could in actual fact close.

To ensure that your business’ building and contents are correctly covered, contact a qualified insurance broker and prevent yourself being left in the cold this winter. For many people their business is their livelihood, keeping your business afloat in the current economic climate is a challenge for any enthusiastic entrepreneur but don’t dismay – protect your business with the right business insurance today!

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