Get Your Stock Properly Covered With Shop Insurance

Owning a store, whether you’re selling groceries in the local area or own a hair salon, you need the right shop insurance to have your property protected.

Buying in stock is expensive – it can cost you a lot of money to stock up a store ready for business.  Of course the stock is sold at a profit which is what keeps your business going, but what happens if something happens and the stock is stolen or damaged.  You could lose a large portion of your hard earned profits and have nothing to show for it.

With the right cover your stock can be protected against theft and damage – whether it’s frozen goods when  the freezer stopped working during the night leaving you with thousands of pounds worth of wasted food or if your hair products were stolen out of your shop by thieves who smashed your display windows.

As a business owner you need to ensure that all your assets are protected against damage or theft, without the right cover your business can be left in financial ruin.  From your shelves and cash register to your stock and windows, everything can  be covered.

Public liability cover is also an important part of your policy. With customers visiting your store regularly the slightest accident could leave you reeling with claim costs and lots of money to pay out.

With this type of cover you can cover:

·         Stock
·         Windows
·         Shelving
·         Equipment
.            Property
·         Cash
·         Public liability

When you get the quotes from brokers for your business cover it’s advisable to check if they offer public liability, and if so, is it enough.  Often public liability needs to be added to the policy as an extra as does cash.  Cash cover lets you protect the cash you are holding –  this could be against staff theft, thieves breaking into your store, or stealing the cash on the way to the bank.

With so much cover for stores it’s obvious how this cover can protect your business from financial disaster.  Imagine coming into work to find that there has been a power failure in the area and all your fridges and freezers have been shut down for hours.  Think of all the ruined assets that would need to go into the bin? Think how much money that would have cost you if you didn’t have the right cover to protect you.

Paying for premiums may be daunting, especially if you are only just opening, but in the long run they can save you this money multiplied.  With the right shop insurance policy you can protect all your stock, assets, windows and cash without any hassle.

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