Get Your Plant Machinery and Other Items Covered With Contractors All Risks Insurance

Whether you are a subcontractor or a main contractor, having the right construction insurance policy that will cover your plant machinery and other items is an important part of your business.

Contractors are often required to leave materials and plant on site. Knowing that expensive pieces of equipment, materials and work in progress are protected should they be stolen or be damaged by an insured peril can give you peace of mind when working on a job.

The cost to replace equipment is expensive. Regardless of whether you own the plant or it is hired in this is something that we are able to cover on your behalf.

The thing about the building industry is everyone is working hard and fast to meet strict deadlines.  Maybe you’re the main contractor and have been hired to carry out all the work, or maybe you’re only sub-contractor.  You arrive with your plant ready to start working. On day two your equipment is stolen.

This can be devastating, not only on your finances but on the whole contract. It will delay deadlines, cause financial losses to both you and the client. This can jeopardise your position working on the contract. Having the right cover means you make one quick phone call and get the equipment repairs and the cover pays for it, so you aren’t left out of pocket. You can carry on with the work and any delay is minimised.

Working in this type of industry can be stressful, it’s very deadline orientated, it’s potentially hazardous, accident or equipment breakdown can cause lengthy and financially destructive delays.

Once you start working in this type of industry you can get contract works insurance and this can cover your plant machinery and other items giving you peace of mind.

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