Get A Tailored Part Time Motor Trade Insurance Policy For Your Second Income

With the current economic climate hitting many people hard financially, there is an increasing need for some to look at other potential income streams to supplement their full time wage. Making the move to work within the motor trade in the evening or weekends means that a part time traders insurance policy could be perfect for you.

Whether you decide to start buying and selling the odd car or move into the mobile valeter’s market, you need to make sure that you are properly covered to carry out the work that you are going to be doing. After all, the worst case scenario would be that you started your secondary business to earn yourself more money and then ended up paying out instead!

Working within the industry on a part time basis doesn’t mean that you are restricted to the level of cover you can get. In fact, with most companies, you will find that you can get pretty much the same cover as a full time trader. If you are going to be selling cars then demonstration cover can still be added to your policy, likewise you could add public liability insurance if customers are going to be coming to your place of work. Whatever role within the motor trade you are taking up as a secondary occupation, you can get the right additions to your policy.

At Think Insurance, we pride ourselves on being able to create a policy that is tailored exactly to your personal needs. This means that you can rest safe in the knowledge that the cover you take out is cost effective and doesn’t include any unnecessary additions.

Taking up a second job working with cars can be an extremely good way of earning more money in these tight times. If you do make the decision to do this though, it is vitally important that you take out the right part time motor trade insurance.


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