Can I Obtain Fleet Insurance?

For businesses who own a number of vehicles, for example taxi companies, couriers, builders and roofers etc, then insuring every individual car can prove to be both costly and timely. If you have the option of insuring your fleet under the one policy, you can manage to cut down on the paperwork and will also only need to remember the one renewal date. Specialist insurance brokers who deal with these policies on a daily basis can advise you on the best policy and what is covered in it –  hopefully bringing you peace of mind and confidence in their product. If you have multiple business vehicles, then go ahead and ask can I obtain fleet insurance?


Some factors that affect the cost of the policy include – the type/ make of individual vehicles, the postcode, the age of the drivers and who they are – bearing in mind any driving convictions they may have and if they include any points on their licence. If a driver does have any endorsements then it is very important that the insurance broker is informed. This includes any fines or convictions that appear on the driver’s individual private policy. The driver will also be required to have obtained a current full driving licence, valid in the UK. Another consideration that will affect the cost and level of the insurance cover is any past claims history during the last 5 years.


Generally you will find that it is the fleet owner who is required to be the policy holder of fleet insurance. It will also be the responsibility of the policy holder to ensure all drivers understand and comply with the terms and conditions of the insurance cover. It is usual for a copy of the driver’s licence to be taken, and if there is any doubt whether you need to inform your insurance company of any changes, it is always best to enquire. Should an accident happen and the insurance broker has not been informed, it could make the policy invalid.


If you have temporary drivers working for you then there may be charges incurred each time you change drivers on the insurance. This extra fee is necessary to cover the cost of administration charges and any extra cover that may be needed. Some policies will allow for certain times when drivers can be added or removed, without it having to cost too much. If you have a genuine business with multiple vehicles then the answer to the question can I obtain fleet insurance? – is yes.

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