Electric Cars Old News?

The emergence of electric cars is nothing new and were popular towards the end of the 19th  and the beginning of the 20th  century. The rise and affordability of the internal combustion engine soon put a stop to the production of electric vehicles at least until the 1970’s when the oil crisis hit.

Many of the large superpowers started to re-visit the feasibility of electric cars for two main reasons. The first being zero harmful emissions, which in the mid 80’s were being blamed for the reduction in the ozone layer, and the second so they could limit their dependency on oil which the middle east seemed to have the monopoly over.

Although the advantages to electric powered cars are plain to see, they are on average 50% more expensive than their predecessors. The lithium-ion batteries they run on are still very expensive. There is currently no infrastructure in place to provide electricity to a mass market of these vehicles. However the US and Chinese governments have pledged $20 Billion to mass produce the batteries needed to run the cars which in turn will bring down the cost of the electric vehicles.

It remains to be seen whether or not electric cars will eventually rule the world.

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