Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme

On the 31st December 1999, following an experimental period by the ‘Transport Research Laboratory’, the ‘Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme’ became permanent – thus  giving Courts in England, Wales and Scotland the power to refer offenders to approved courses. This was a milestone in the punishment of drink drive offenders – finally clarifying the position of the offender and the court.

Results of the scheme found that it had been effective in reducing the re-offending rates of those who attended by nearly 60%. An astonishing decrease when compared with previous years.

Courses are carried out by a number of organisations such as, VMCL, HAPPAS, OGWR- and Aquarius. These can be found in many cities across the country.
Successful candidates can have their disqualification period reduced by up to 25% and may qualify for a reduction in the penalty applied by insurers on their premiums. Examples of upto 40% discounts have been known to be granted to successful candidates.
Think Insurance have a number of schemes to help convicted drink drivers who have successfully completed the drink drive rehabilitation course.
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