Dont Scrimp On Your Shop Insurance Cover!

In these lean times, where independent retailers have to make every penny count, it may not pay you in the long run to economise on your shop insurance policy.

As a shop owner you have to ask yourself if your business could survive an unforeseen disaster – and does your insurance package provide the correct cover so that if there is a problem you are not left out of pocket. Such incidents have been known to irreparably damage a company or even send them under when the right cover is not in place.

Here’s an example: A recent client that came to us tried to make a claim for some stock that was stolen from his van. He was told that there was no cover in place by his previous insurer. This resulted in the shopkeeper having to replace in the region of £2,500 of stock. This could have quite easily have been insured under his shop insurance cover with an excess as low as £100. He is now happily covered with ourselves on a more suitable policy.

At Think Insurance we spend time talking to you about exactly what your business activities are and what you need in place to secure your peace of mind. We look to place you with the most appropriate insurer – not just the one that pays the most commission! We take the time to get to know you and your business thus ensuring a hassle free purchase for our clients.

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