Don’t Forget Taxi Insurance When Starting Your New Career

Starting work as a taxi driver can be a good source of income for many people – but there are a number of things that need to be done if you are entering into the trade. The exact details of what must be done can differ depending on your location. In general you are always going to have to apply for a licence, this could be for private hire or hackney/public hire. As well as that you may have to pass an additional driving test, have a medical and pass a local area ‘knowledge test’. All of these are clearly related to actually becoming a licenced cab driver but when you manage to do these things you must also make sure that you get yourself a taxi insurance policy.

When you start driving taxis for a living then you are clearly dependent on having access to the vehicle at all times in order to get an income. Any period that you find yourself without your car will result in you not being able to go about your job – like an writer without a pen. If you have the correct policy then you coudld be issued with a replacement plated car in the event of an accident at no extra cost.

As well as the cover that you will get for the actual vehicle, you should also get a sufficient level of public liability cover. This can be even more important as it means that you are protected in the event of one of your passengers being injured whilst in your vehicle. You will find that a good insurer will be able to provide public liability cover for even the most serious of claims. Without this cover in place, you could face financial ruin if a customer ended up making a claim against you. Also, you may find that certain contracts – eg school runs or council work – may require this cover before you can work for them.

With the above in mind, when you are looking for a taxi insurance policy, it is advisable to not just look for the cheapest one on the market. Obviously price is important to us all but you also need to consider quality. You need to look a bit deeper into things to make sure that the policy you choose has got all of the things covered that may arise. Finding a company that have got a 24 hour claim line will also be a big advantage. If you are doing a nightshift and have an accident then you don’t want to wait around till morning to start your claim as this will prolong the time that you can’t operate your car for instance.

Becoming a cab driver can be a rewarding vocation but if you are thinking of entering the trade then you should make sure that you understand the benefits and pitfalls. A professional insurance intermediary can help in this regard. Failing to do your research now may leave a sour taste in your mouth so bite the bullet and do your homework!

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