Do You Have Builders Public Liability Insurance?

New enterprises and small building firms, who wish to expand, rely heavily on word of mouth recommendations and repeat business. During the early days of operating there will be mistakes made and lessons learnt that unfortunately cannot be avoided. They are the learning blocks for the future and something we all need to go through. However, some mistakes can and need to be avoided altogether. Do you have builders` public liability insurance is one of the first questions that potential clients may ask you? To be able to provide this without being asked can give you a lead when it comes to professionalism and safety.

Working on and around people`s properties, means coming into contact with the public and most likely, young children and visitors. You may need to work on a busy high street, making it a very hazardess and even unpredictable place of work. Public liability cover is a very important insurance for a builder to have, possibly more in important than for other construction trades. If you are working in a public place, at a customer’s property or the public have access to your worksite, then you cannot afford to be without it.

This type of insurance cover can protect you in two different ways. In the first instance, should a member of the public injure themselves or their property in any way, because of your negligence, then you are protected against any claims that are made. In the second instance, you should be covered against any damage you may accidently cause to property for instance a neighbouring property – please check what you are and are not covered for as every policy is different.

Examples of accidents that could occur

Should you be working at a height, for example on scaffolding or ladders, and you or one of your team drop a tool onto a passers by`s head (or any other part of their body!), you could cause severe damage. At the very least, the person may be incapacitated for a couple of weeks and unable to work. They would be perfectly within their rights to make a claim for pain and suffering, loss of earnings and any out of pocket expenses. If the injury is more severe and causes long term and ongoing problems, then your liability could be even greater.

Building sites can be busy places and clients homes are not designed to experience a great deal of traffic and maneuvering around. Public liability insurance can provide the peace of mind, should an accident happen. Do you have builder’s public liability insurance? – this question can be avoided altogether if you make it a selling point for your firm, showing integrity and a general respect & concern for the public and their property.

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