Difficulty Finding the Right Part Time Motor Trade Insurance Policy

Not everyone working within the motor trade is doing so as a full time occupation. There are numerous areas and trades that can easily accommodate people who are just looking for a side job. For people who find themselves in this situation a normal traders insurance policy is not really suited to their needs. In these cases a tailored part time motor trade insurance policy would be much more beneficial. You may find however that these policies can be hard to find and sometimes don’t seem to offer the same value as a full time policy. Why is this you find yourself asking?

There a number of reasons that you may struggle to find the right part time policy. Firstly is the simple fact that the majority of policies available are aimed at the full time trade. This can sometimes make the price of the policy and the level of cover provided unsuitable for anyone who is only trading part time. Another thing is the fact that a lot of companies seem to discriminate against part time traders as they consider them to be a higher risk than people working full time in the industry. Is this really fair though? Who is to say that just because you are not working in the motor trade full time that you are going to be any less cautious or any more careless with the vehicles you are working with!

It really shouldn’t matter whether you are selling cars as your only source of income or running a valeting service alongside your normal job. There should be a policy that suits your needs. By making sure that your prospective insurance provider can give you the type of cover you require, you will ultimately get the best value for your money. Make sure you don’t settle for a second rate part time motor trade insurance policy, the right one for you is out there no matter what area you find yourself trading in.

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