Cover Yourself from Employee Theft with a Shop Insurance Policy

If you own a shop, whether you sell computers or have a nail salon, employee theft can be a big problem.  It is a sad that but shops and stores lose thousands of pounds a year due to employee theft – now you can protect yourself from this if you have a shop insurance policy.

With a reported third of all shoplifting costs within the UK being attributed to employees, this is a real risk to your business. The average criminally minded employee steals £1,988 of goods/money.

While there are obvious precautions you can take to deter your employees from stealing, having the right protection can still make all the difference.

Using CCTV cameras and locking cash away in safes is the first step you need to take. Most crimes are opportunistic and if the money isn’t visible  it won’t be tempting to a previously trustworthy member of staff member.  In this economic climate evidence suggests people are struggling to make ends meet and the temptation may be too much. On the rare occasion you may not even notice your staff are stealing, your till may be down a couple of pounds here or there. This might not be the end of the world until it starts to get regular and more money starts vanishing.

It is devastating for any business owner to find out that one of their key staff members has been stealing. It is also common with accounts & administrative employees that count and distribute monies.  A business relies on profits and in this day and age it’s hard to make enough money to make those all important profits.

Being able to protect your business against this often overlooked scenario should be considered by all business people – especially retail.

Don’t take the risk, plan, deter and protect your livelihood against opportunistic thefts. Your shop insurance policy can protect you.

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