Cheap Traders Insurance Will Cover You against a Number of Different Mishaps

As you head off to work each day, you have no idea what risks and accidents will present themselves today.  With good and cheap traders insurance you can continue with your work knowing that anything that may happen is covered.

The jobs you do whether you are a handyman, plumber, brick layer, plasterer or any other trade is filled with risks from liability claims, to your tools being stolen, to your vehicles being damaged to you not being able to work. So you must have the right policy in place at all times.


Liability Cover


Whether you are working at customers properties or customers visit you, you must have public liability cover in place, this is essential to the daily running of your business.  A small accident where a customer trips and falls injuring them can leave your business in financial ruin as the claim comes in at a huge amount of money.


It’s easy to say it will never happen to you, but when it does you are held legally responsible to pay for that claim, so ensure you have adequate public liability cover on your policy for any accident that may occur.


You are legally required to have employer’s liability cover the minute you have one or more employees, the claims from employees that injure themselves can also amount to a lot of money, which you may not be able to afford right now.


Then there is professional indemnity, something you shouldn’t leave home without. Even though you take every care in the work you carry out, there can always be some comebacks, and this cover can protect you when you need it most.


Tools and Vehicles


Your vehicle and your tools, the two most important things you need to carry out your business on a daily basis.  A small road accident can leave you without transport and unable to get to customers. If you can’t get to your customers who are relying on you, not only will you be out of pocket, but it can damage your business from a reliability point of view.


The same applies to your tools which you need to carry out work, they can get stolen from the site or even from inside your vehicle, so keep them covered because often the replacement value can leave you in complete and utter shock.


Loss of Income


If you are a smaller business, maybe you work on your own you can’t afford to lose money after your vehicle is stolen, your tools are stolen or you have an accident on the job that leaves you unable to work for weeks at a time. You rely on your work to bring in profits to support your business, but you can cover yourself for loss of income so that you don’t lose any money while you are out of action, one of the many benefits of cheap traders insurance that you should not be without.


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