Top 13 Scariest cars – Fact and Fiction!

Close the door, turn the lights off and grab a spare pair of underpants. It’s that time of year again, and fresh out of the crypt we have lifted the coffin on some of the most frightening, spooktacular and quite frankly bone-chilling cars that ever graced Earth and beyond. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… I bring you the top 13 scariest cars!

13. Ecto-1.

Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters in at number 13. A modest spot for one of the most celebrated cars in movie history. Built by the Miller-Meteor company, the Ecto-1 is a ghostly modded 1959 Cadillac professional chassis – a somewhat ambulance/hearse hybrid, ironically. Most of us probably owned it in toy form, few probably had it turn up to the door of their haunted New York apartment.


12. Munster Koach/The Dragula.

A double entry here from The Munsters. What Halloween list is complete without them? Well, their collection of spooky vehicles has hit number 12. Their ‘every day’ vehicle, big enough for the whole family was the Munster Koach – the kind of thing you’d pop to Sainsburys on. But when the weekend hits and it’s time to take the rubber to the road, the Dragula is bound to nail the coffin doors of its opponents.

11. The Mystery Machine.

Yet another toy a lot of us probably owned as a child! The Mystery Machine! Scooby and the gang have solved many a mysterious case on these wheels. A reliable camper van is surely needed when your profession is in the paranormal…

10. The ‘Death Wagon’ – Ted Bundy’s VW.

Okay, time to get sinister… Dubbed the ‘Death Wagon’, this is the car owned and used during crime by infamous serial killer Ted Bundy. I can say with confidence that non of us owned a toy of this as a child. Executed in 1989, Bundy was responsible for the killing of (an estimated) 30+ people between 1974 and 1978. A truly evil piece of work.

9. 1955 Peterbilt 281.

duel 1955 Peterbilt 281

This one should come with a “guarantied to give you the willies” warning. The movie Duel, released in 1971 is entirely based around the concept of a truck following a car without any reasoning. Doesn’t sound scary? I dare you to watch it, and I’m sure once you do, you’ll be checking them wing mirrors every 2 seconds.

8. Project Satan.

(c) Fox.

(c) Fox.

Created from the steering wheel from Adolf Hitler’s staff car, the left turning signal from Charles Manson’s VW, the windshield wipers from KITT and the electric motor from Ed Begley Jr’s car, meet Project Satan. The creators of Futurama sure did drag us to hell on this one.

7. The 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 – “The Classic”.


(c) Universal Pictures

Perhaps the most interesting car on the list is the 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88. Director Sam Raimi has managed to place this vehicle into every movie he’s ever made. Originally his father’s car, The Classic makes its debut in Raimi’s first film, The Evil Dead. Other notable spookies are Darkman (1990), Army of Darkness (1993), The Quick And The Dead (1995) & Drag Me To Hell (2009).

6. Christine.

(c) Columbia Pictures

(c) Columbia Pictures

Prolific horror director John Carpenter was responsible for putting Christine on the big screen, but it was Stephen King that wrote the novel which shook the automotive horror world. Christine tells the story of a vintage automobile apparently possessed by supernatural forces.

5. The Car.

(c) Universal Pictures

(c) Universal Pictures

Simply, ‘The Car’ from 1977 movie aptly named ‘The Car’ comes in at 5. I’m thinking of setting The Car and Christine on a date here… I think they have enough in common – Like killing people. Although the movie suffered many bad reviews, it holds a cult following in the horror world and has earnt its place at the top of our top 5.

4. Manson’s 1935 Army Power Wagon.

Now here’s a spooker that’ll pack a punch. Possibly one of the biggest names in true crime, Charles Manson, used to ride around in an old 1935 Army Power Wagon. One of the Manson family members recalls a time when Charles and himself took the wagon to ‘Death Valley‘ apparently “just for the hell of it”. They ragged the car around the hills until there wasn’t much left of it, while shouting prayers to the devil…

3. Ghost car.

The footage below starts how any police chase video normally does, with a civilian’s vehicle being chased by a police vehicle. Keep watching and something pretty spooky happens.

2. Hitler’s Mercedes-Benz 770.

The king of Evil here at number 2. Although questionably stylish, the Mercedes-Benz 770 will always be deemed Hitler’s car. Hitler used various Mercs during his reign of terror but it was the 770 that was made iconic by him and his not so merry men.

1. Robert.

(c) UFO Distribution

This one will take some explaining. Okay, so ever heard of the movie ‘Rubber‘? No? Seriously…? Well, it’s a French movie from 2010 about a tyre (billed as Robert in the credits, although not named during the film) that comes to life and kills people with its psychic powers. – Okay, now you want to see it.

Set somewhere in California in the late 90’s, Rubber begins when a tyre suddenly comes to life and embarks on a killing spree. As a tyre would, when coming to life, it first figures out how to push itself upright. Then, once upright, finds itself merrily rolling around. The tyre eventually finds itself coming across an obstacle; a plastic water bottle. After hesitation, it decides to crush it. Then, a scorpion… Crushes it.

When the tyre finds a glass bottle, it is unable to crush it. This is where the magic happens. The tyre begins to vibrate intensely and psychokinetically causes the bottle to break. It later tests the same power on a tin can and a rabbit.

(c) UFO Distribution

(c) UFO Distribution

Once people start to get killed by Robert, the movie writes itself. It was a total failure at the box office but gained positive results from critics.

Well, there we have it. I hope you enjoyed our top 13 scariest cars! Try not to have trouble sleeping. If you have any more suggestions or comments on the list then don’t be too afraid to send us a tweet over at @Think_Ins

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Women in the Motor Trade Industry: The Struggle to the Top

In 2010, only one-fifth of the European automotive industry was comprised of women. The assumptions and generalised view around women working with cars is unfortunately widespread, from sexist comments to ideologies of the ‘housewife’ and even further backwards where women are prohibited from even driving in certain places around the world. Following the 1968 strike at

Ford’s Dagenham plant, where women sewing machinists brought a halt to production due to unequal pay, there have been leaps and strides of progress for women in the motor industry in both production and trading. It is this progressive mentality that has helped women to gain success in the multi-billion global industry, overcoming the lessened but still present prohibitive opinion of women and their knowledge in the business.

Although the pay differential has been vigorously torn down over the past few decades, it is still stubbornly sitting at 17% between men and women. According to Eurostat, the UK’s gender pay gap is the largest of all 27 EU countries. Lindsey Baker, hailed the ‘Karen Brady of the second hand car industry,’ is one of the UK’s inspirational business women. She revels in the fact that, although it was frustrating and challenging, she has successfully grown three major car dealerships. She wants to get more women involved in motor trading: “I want to be a pioneer in this industry and inspire more women to take the plunge and join me!” She reacts to her stereotypes and assumptions with humour, and let’s her success do the talking.

Another inspiring female is the CEO of Ford Europe, Barb Samardzich, who is one of the few women in the world holding a key position in the industry. She estimates that only ‘about 4 to 5 percent of engineering graduates are women,’ and is in talks with UK MPs concentrating on how to encourage more women to get involved in the industry.

“What can really help is when companies are active in encouraging women into these roles. It’s getting access to young girls in high school and encouraging them to stay with maths and science if they want to move into automotive roles.”

Barb stresses her opinion that she believes giving young girls the opportunity to see successful women in automotive fields can go a lot further than any kind of legislation actions. So as well as the inequality issues, she also firmly believes that exposure can help to aspire.

According to The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI), in the automotive sector, women are substantially outnumbered by their male counterparts, except in administrative and secretarial roles where they account for 70% of workers. The IMI has and will continue to actively promote women by encouraging employers around the UK to take advantage of the opportunity to receive funding towards the cost of developing skills of the women in this sector. Along with this there are initiatives such as ‘Your Life’, a new government-supported scheme to stimulate curiosity and motivate women to consider careers in the motor industry. The UK’s largest car manufacturer Nissan has already revealed its plans to take part, along with other companies across the country.

On average, the UK produces 1.6 million cars and commercial vehicles and over 2.5 million engines each year. UK automotive production is vital to the economy and typically generates around £60 billion in annual turnover. And who knows, with raising awareness and sparking interests, we may see some British ladies one day be listed as the most powerful women in the motor industry.

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How Do I Start a Part Time Motor Trade Business?

If you are looking to start a part time motor trade business there are a few things you’ll need to know and own so that you can be fully prepared to start your new business.


Before setting up a business in the motor trade you really need to do your research to ensure you have the best possible chance of success. A good understanding of trade vehicle prices, margins and expected profits will help get you started – and if you have the ability to carry out your own mechanical work, it will save you money. Similarly, find out who your competitors are locally and try to find out as much as you can about what they offer and how they operate so you can make your business stand out from the crowd. Trade experience will help you buy/sell cars at the right price, and a competent idea of vehicle mechanics will save you money.

To start you’re business you’ll need a few things like start up money, motor trade insurance and a business plan, so have a read of the following information and see if we can help.

Start Up Cash and Advertising

To start your part-time motor trade business you’ll need two important things; cash to buy your first vehicle(s) and a method (such as the internet) to advertise it to customers. You could advertise with sites like www.themotortradeclub.com – they will list your vehicles for free and give you necessary promotion for your cars.

The Right Insurance For You

By law you need to have motor trade insurance in place to set up even a part-time business if you intend to drive. The minimum level of  part-time motor trade insurance cover required by law is Third Party Only, which will protect other drivers should you be involved in an accident with them – however Third Party Only cover will not protect your vehicles.

It can be well worth taking out a Comprehensive insurance policy that can cover your vehicle more adequately. It would also be wise to look into Public Liability insurance and make sure that if any customers are injured at your home or premises, you are covered should they make a claim against you.

You can get motor trade insurance with Think – We specialise in insuring the Motor Trade and can create policies specific to your needs.


An often boring but necessary part of any self-employment is sorting out your end-of-year tax.  Be sure to declare all of your income and outgoings. Organise yourself and keep a coherent log of your earnings, all your work expenditures and receipts, as this will make sure that come the time you have to sort your yearly tax, it is easy and quick to process.

Record Every Sale and Spend

Our best advice would be to watch your incomings and outgoings carefully, record everything and watch your progress. This will make sure you are in the best position to keep on top of profit/loss, and make a successful motor trade business.

Good luck and work hard with your part time motor trade business!


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